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Submitted by Ellen on
In three days three guy's set a help site to review insurance plans. You can look at the plans without having to give them your personal information. I have been on the HealthCare .gov. site and have not been able to get any information without signing up. I want t see the plans offered, the options and the monthly premium cost for next year. I can not get any of the this information on the government site . They have no business asking for such sensitive personal information before you sign up for a plan. The Healthcare.gov. site is totally incompetent . Clearly it was a windfall for the Insurance companies and another failure to give all American's true affordable health care. It is clear that the Oboma administration was clueless as to how this would impact the American publics already limited options for getting affordable healthcare. Or, is it that they just don't care. It seems the money from the insurance lobbyist wins again. As always, all of us loose.
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