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Submitted by Elaine on
My issue is that I cannot get pass 'step 1' after receiving the approval letter. Step 1 is to 'set' the amount of your subsidy to use against your premium. Well, I do not qualify for a subsidy per the approval letter. Called for assistance & helpdesk said their system was showing I did qualify for a subsidy. I know I do not based on income. All I want to do at this point is review the available plans & prices. My issue has been pending for over 2 weeks now with no resolution in sight. I have moved on to Ehealth.com to view plans. Too bad this database is so badly configured. AHCA has good overall provisions for health insurance reform & it's a shame a broken database is being used by foes to purposefully cloud the good points of this important reform. BTW, affordable does not equate to cheap. Health care in America is not & has not been cheap. A lot was needed to make it affordable.
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