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Submitted by 55 on
After 6 weeks of trying daily I am not better off then 1 October. Watch out for the phone application - it doesn't work either. I had to submit my phone application four times because they misspelled our name (repeatedly), left things blank, etc. Every time I finished a phone application they say it will only going to be 3 -5 days to hear on eligibility. It wait and then call. Your phone application was not finished. It has been over a month since the first was submitted. The web page can't be edited. It lists me 3x and my wife once. It still puts my SS number into the space for my wife's number. They told me it would be working by the 15 November and they would eliminate extra accounts from early on. As of today no detectable change. Don't believe them when they say advanced help will call within 3-5 days they won't call. They can't call because they can't help. How are they going to sign up 1 million people by 1 January when they only signed up about 25K so far?
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