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Submitted by Bob Conaway on
I've had an Application in "In Process" status since October 1st. Every time I enter the application I have to re-complete many sections. I have re-completed the Application more than 5 times. During data entry the systems fails to confirm my ID and gives an error msg. One (of the many) CSRs said the system cannot verify me thru SSA and to call SSA. SSA's telephone wait time is over an hour, but I spent the time. SSA is perfectly happy with my ID data, which I already knew since they are sending me SS checks every month. Interestingly, when viewing my Profile page it says my ID is verified, and shows the green check mark. I put in a special request to have my Profile deleted so I could just start over. That was 2 weeks ago. I was supposed to be called by a special support person last Thursday, but no call. I spoke to another CSR a few minutes ago who says I have to mail in proof of my identity. The upload feature that is supposed to be present on the Healthcare site isn't there. So, I guess I will mail-in the ID AND a manual application, in an effort to cover all bases. I have no health insurance and am 64 years old. Take a guess how stressful all of this is. In the last 15 years I was a central participant and on the Steering Committee in several very large ERP development and roll-out projects of applications used worldwide. I really do know how all of this is supposed to work. This is sad.
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