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Submitted by Joanne on
Hi there. Thank you for all that you do. I just want this to succeed so please take feedback as constructive. I have 30 years IT experience with more than 10 in Healthcare IT and almost 10 in web development. I hope my comments are useful. I just completed a survey suggesting your next priority needs to be having well formatted print pages (or pdfs) so people can review the plans available off line. It is naive to expect users to review and sift through plan information without a hard copy or print out. Therefore, I am finding it impossible to keep the plans I am reviewing straight. I bet a team could put together pdfs for each of these plans showing all the information you see when you compare plans. Using the print button generates a print out that is totally meaningless and poorly formatted. I have been working on this all day and for some hours yesterday. All the links I clicked to see plan benefits and provider links were broken and I landed on an error page. I am using Google Chrome. I gave up on Internet Explorer after several buttons on the sign-on page appeared non-responsive. Some web sites do not do well with various browsers, but you can qc and error trap for that. I have initiated several chats to give feedback since there is no feedback link on the plan review page. One of the chat people used very poor grammar. This is not good. Possibly some additional spot screening of the chat scripts would be useful. Good luck with all this.
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