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Submitted by Sheryl on
I have uploaded my driver's license several times; I was told by customer service that I have several application I.D. numbers due to submitting multiple applications and this may be keeping me from moving forward. One submitted application was accepted and verified. I was told I will receive a subsidy. That is as far as I have gotten. I have not been able to look at and choose my insurance. Question: when will this problem of multiple applications be addressed? Why am I unable to see these applications and then delete the ones that are duplicates? I am beyond frustrated. All I want is affordable health insurance. Why is it that the customer care level people can look at the information, but not delete the wrong stuff? I have yet to talk to anyone, and I've gotten to the highest level of customer support, No one can do one thing to help me. Not one person can do anything. Who is in charge? Why can't customer service people help clean up people's enrollment information????
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