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Submitted by Teressa on
My application keeps saying in process! I called into your contact number and they told me my application and enrollment were complete. I received a pdf letter stating that I am eligible, yet I am not able to see any plans for which I am eligible. When I click on one link it says that my application is incomplete and that I need to complete the application by adding household details. It will not allow me to do this. When I click on the application details link to complete and fill in the details, it takes me to a page that says my enrollment is complete. Which is it....is my enrollment "in Process"?.....is it not complete and I have to finish by adding household details???????....or is the "Enrollment Complete"????????? You cannot give me three different answers to the same question!!!!!!! I want one answer and I want this glitch in your website resolved so that I can see the plans that I am eligible for and some prices. Come on guys .......GET THIS FIXED!!!!!!!!
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