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Submitted by David on
I have been accessing www.healthcare.gov three time each day for the last 11 days and still have status as "pending process". I have called the Phone number daily and have used the chat daily but still nobody seems to be able to advance my app past that point. I would like someone who actually knows what they are doing to review my status. I have returned to the application every day to complete my incomplete application without any success. Your phone and chat people have done no better. I have a healthcare insurance company that I have researched outside of "hellcare".com who are unable to complete my without qualifying through healthcare.com. What can you do to assist in completing my application process. Can someone look into this? My experience with your healthcare.com and other's experience as I read these chats are quite different what you describe in updates. Quit trying to gloss this over and be honest with me and others. You seem to be talking in one direction, but walking in the wrong other direction. Be sure that your words follow you action. In other words, cut the lies.
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