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Submitted by Karyn C on
I've yet to be able to complete my application on healthcare.org since the 1st week. I'm finally able to retrieve the application since recovering my ID/password last week, but cannot successfully complete it, although it's complete. Additionally, some sort of glitch caused that I would add my 2 children 2 more times than needed in the last 7 days. There's no way to remove them and every time I try to resubmit it, I'm forced to acknowledge every SINGLE question I've already answered. That takes a long time!! And then, it bombs out! How do I get this application corrected and completed please? I spoke with 2 people at the main # last week and they couldn't even retrieve my original account/application and after 35 minutes on the phone, couldn't get a new one started. It's so frustrating! Please help!
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