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Submitted by Nick on
Wanting to enroll in a health plan, I reached status 'Initial enrollment' on October 14 and have been there ever since. Upon confirmation of my plan I proceeded to the payment page of the insurer, BCBS, for the first payment. It did not work. After 3 tries, I got: 'Error: failed to create account'. For clarity, this page was not part of healthcare.gov. It did not work anyway, However, the preceding screen mentioned that the immediate payment was optional, and that otherwise I would receive an invoice from the insurance company in 2-5 business days. Nothing came. After calling the ins. company 4 times over 4 weeks, they still have nothing about me in their computer systems. Over the last month, I de-enrolled and re-enrolled 2 times in the same plan, hoping that the re-enrollment would trigger notification of the insurance company of my enrollment. Nada. I also created some other accounts to try and get past the doldrums. No way, they are all in some dysfunctional state. Most are in the 'Our verification system is temporarily unavailable, We expect to resolve the issue in the next 24 hours' state for eternity. By the way, when are you going to address that obviously wrong error message? I have never received any e-mail confirmation or other message from the marketplace about my enrollment, but I don't know if that is a feature or a bug. After calling the marketplace for the umpteenth time and while talking with an advanced resolution representative, this gentleman could not find my enrolled application, but he could find a bunch of unsuccessful applications. Another agent, a couple of days earlier, found only the 'successful' application. At some point, to my surprise, the last agent asked for my user id and password, which of course I did not tell him. Is this standard procedure? Seems odd to me. Another time I was called by an advanced resolution rep. three weeks(!) after the call where I was promised to be contacted in 2 business days. This person called for someone with a name unknown to me that she had associated with my phone number. What's going on there? Urgent question: what are you going to do about all these people with botched applications and enrollments like me? Will you offer a reset button or something? Will you contact us with a resolution? Please let us know before the end of November.
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