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Submitted by Christine on
Time entering information today 11-13-13 has not improved. Still waiting 15sec or longer per screen. Address information. On address verification, if user does not select address software has found and selects the address they entered, then the user address appears multiple times for each of the remaining family members. For example, Family member 1, has original address, family member 2, sees 2 of the entered address, PLUS the computer found address and so on. I've entered my data multiple times already, what is up with the DATA RETRIEVAL? Some of the data is retrieved but not all. (I can't get past the "Our VERIFICATION SYSTEM IS DOWN AND WILL BE BACK UP IN 24 HOURS. YOU WILL NEED TO REVIEW (should say re-enter) AND SIGN YOU APPLICATION. If I am going to have to REVIEW, bring my data back so I don't have to enter it again. Thanks
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