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Submitted by Melanie Campbell on
You need to do something about IDENTITY VERIFICATION NOW, and you need to provide people a way to directly contact the center in London, KY. I applied in the first week and I still have nothing to show for it. Equifax can't help me because this site never generated a number they need and your site claims that it cannot verify my identity. I have uploaded the requested info in countless times. I have actually snail-mailed copies twice now. The first was sent well over a month ago--the second was sent in the last two weeks. Yet no one can find it. I CANNOT GET INSURANCE HERE IF YOU WON'T VERIFY WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN SENT AND YOU DO NOT PROVIDE A WAY TO FOLLOW UP THAT IS ACTUALLY HELPFUL. Calling the toll free number gets me friendly people who cannot help. Calling them is POINTLESS. They have claimed to me a couple of times now that they can't help me with this and that is ludicrous. I've asked them more than once to delete my app and let me start over and they cannot even seem to do that. WHAT am I supposed to do????
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