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Submitted by Phillip on
The underlying problem isn't a website. Let's be honest, lots of corporate and niche social groups believe that you don't deserve health care if you are not as righteous or deserving as they are. Many of these same small minds talk about the sanctity of life. But, for some reason (go figure) that sacred life turns into a moocher as soon as it is crawling around and needs food or health care. They are then called lazy takers. If people on your staff pulled the iv out of your patient, reported false exam findings, shut off the EKG monitor, browned out the hospital and sent a rumor out that the food was contaminated with Salmonella in the hospital, imagine how things would go. Millions have been spent to mislead, create fear and discourage people from understanding the Affordable Care Act. There are clear differences in purposeful sabotage and errors of omission. If we can't figure that out and communicate that to the public then we are in the wrong business. All these pundits and politicians should stop whining and start paddling.
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