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Submitted by Bob on
The main ID used in the ACA was established in the 1930's by our best computer processer of that day the U.S. Post Office and was called the Social Security Number! Back in the 1970's the government discovered it wasn't any good for identification purposes and told everybody just that, which didn't stop the IRS and all other government agencies for using it, but not for getting a passport you still need the old Birth Certificate for that, unless you can just walk across any border and vote, go to school, get free food and now health care. It's especially easy when you never filed a tax return and millions don't have to. When the system is "fixed" even if there is no verification process, where will we get the doctors and nurses and others to provide the care? When WHIO says were 7 million short of care givers, for some reason most think we don't need any here and that those we have are just waiting anxiously to give care to millions more for the lowest rate possible and that healthy people want to spend the most and not use it! Why, I can't imagine. W
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