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Submitted by Rob on
I created a account back on Oct. 4th and was verified and completed. Then me and many others got stuck after selecting a plan and actually enrolling. The final confirm page wouldn't move forward. So on Nov. 1st that changed and was able to actually enroll. The problem though is I waited until Nov. 4th after the outage that day to finish enrollment. Everything appeared to go through, I got the congratulations page and name of insurance company with phone number. So, now it shows me enrolled. But, I know someone at BCBS that I been talking to since Oct. and nothing has been sent to them. He did say they got a lot of applications on Nov. 4th. But that is the day I finished mine. My brother did the same thing on Nov. 2 and his application was received by the insurance company on Nov. 4th. Which is the same company I'm using, and same plan. Now, all I can hear from the useless marketplace reps is that I'm enrolled. BCBS tells me to explain to you someone needs to send the information again if it was sent already. That is the problem, nobody knows what you are doing. Plus the insurance company cannot call in to anyone. So, I been stuck for a soon to be 10 days with a application saying enrolled and I will be contacted. My guess is it will never be sent in because the website thinks it already has been. Someone needs to look into this problem and time is running out. I tell the Marketplace Reps and they claim to escalate it and someone will call me. Yet twice I have call in to check and see if there is a record of them doing it and both time I was told no. So now its been supposedly done again, which is the third time. So, in case you're not following me or even reading this. You have a problem with people finishing the enrollment and its not going to the insurance companies. I know some of insurance are being hard to deal with. But like I said, the person I'm talking to in my state for Bluechoice, with is part of BCBS is very good. He answers me fast and has a list of people when it comes in from ACA. He told me my problem had to be fixed at the Marketplace end. This is in SC. So, I don't know what you did over the weekend of Saturday night Nov. 2-5 but it broke something. Because my brother finish his around 8pm Nov. 2 and his and lots of others made it to Bluechoice in SC on Nov. 4th. They already processed it. But mine is in never never land. I cannot resend or create another account. It tells me I'm enrolled. Yes, I am enrolled on ACA but not with BlueChoice insurance. So how about getting it sent in. In other words, you have another problem. Also how about letting people actually talk to someone that can do something. There is no reason someone shouldn't be able to look at my account and sent it to the insurance company, but I have a feeling it will take forever for me to get this fixed, if I ever do. Because my application is setting there telling me I'm enrolled and has been sent in. Yet it hasn't been sent in and its been 10 days. Plus there is nobody to tell to send it in. The nice man at Bluechoice is very frustrated with all this also. Totally ridiculous that the insurance companies that want the applications cannot have access to someone that actually enrolled. Also he said its suppose to be a overnight thing to get a enrolled application. Basically the Marketplace Reps tell me that also. They act like I'm enrolled because the marketplace tells me I am. Its like they forget its just a middleman and useless unless it gets to the insurance. Really need to fix this problem, because its not giving a error or anything. The website thinks its finished. But its not at all.
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