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Submitted by Chuck on
Unfortunately, the only conclusion to be drawn is that the government is simply spinning and lying. This entire thing is a catastrophe. It doesn't work, it can't be fixed, the sooner they write this website off, the sooner they can try to fix things, but they simply don't want to admit failure. I just got off the phone with the insurance company rep. for my state for the plan I (believe I) selected on the ACA website portal and was frankly told by a supervisor that they are receiving NO back end info on any applications or subsidies through the ACA federal website channel. Nothing, zilch--state wide, that's all insurers. AND she told me it's not just MY state, it's NATIONWIDE. It's a UNIVERSAL issue at least for the states using the federal website. That means in all of those states there are now a total of ZERO people who are currently actually ENROLLED in a plan through the federal website (other than perhaps Medicaid), i.e. who have actually PAID the insurance company for a subsidized policy obtained through the federal website. No ETA of when it will all be fixed of course. November 30, eh? What a joke.
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