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Submitted by A C on
A few additional suggestions for you; 1. Web enable the paper application so anyone that needs to use it can type the information in and print it out rather than print it and hand write the information in. The IRS already has this feature for tax forms. 2. Congratulations on getting capacity up to 17,000 applications an hour! A big accomplishment. You should probably consider quintupling that capacity as you approach January with a goal of a ten-fold increase by March 2014. The late adopters can overwhelm the system again just as the early adopters did in October. 3. Make the shopping experience easier. Kaiser has programming for you to imbed their subsidy calculator directly on to healthcare.gov. Oregon has the experience set up as 1 page look linking the plans by income and zip code/county prior to going behind their firewall. 3. Also, no where on the site do you have the chart about the premium and out-of-pocket limits by income. This is a very important talking point and should be highlighted, particularly in light of premium cancellations and pricing concerns. A few thoughts for you all as you work through the problems. Much continued success with the fixes
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