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Submitted by BinG on
I tried to input 5 people family application, but when it goes to More About This House Hold, after finishing if a Full Time Student, regardless whatever I chose, the "Save and Continue" button does not work. I have tried 5 times from this afternoon, every time you log in and you need go through every step of each family member information, you need retype the social security number, and rechoose some information options, each time it took about 40 minutes to reach the "More About This Household", then found it again does not work. Called help desk, and told it may be too much traffic, need wait off peak hours, now it is 10:36pm CT, I tried again, it still does not work. I did this last week, it went through, it just now does not work. I agree, someone shall open a ticket for this, you can not let thousands of people try at different time and found out it still not working.
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