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Submitted by Andrea on
No, YOU ARE NOT THERE YET. I seem to be the 2% who persistently is having trouble. Gave up on first application that becomes unresponsive in the exact same place (Household Information section). So started an entirely new application. Got all the way to Review and Sign and needed to correct ONE item in the Information section. Rather than allowing me to change that one item (transposed digits on phone number), I'm forced back tor review the entire application and then the system goes down. So, while I did progress all the way to the end, I'm back at the beginning and NO CLOSER TO EVEN REVIEWING MY INSURANCE OPTIONS AFTER 5 WEEKS. You still do not understand that you can not fix this system by constantly looking at the back end. You have to come and sit at my kitchen table and see what the consumer is experiencing. You are not even asking the consumers about the problems we are seeing. If you were you'd give me a Report a Problem button.
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