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Submitted by Simone on
My account says, "You have a notice available about your Marketplace eligibility."--but I have no way to find that notice. Also I am waiting for a call to report a life change so I can shop for coverage-the site says that I will be able to report life changes online starting 11/15/13. My elgibility report is visible on my ipad, but not on a PC. The report lists all family members separately as far as their eligibility but I can't seem to shop for plans for anyone. We are a family of 5 and will lose coverage through my work on January 1, 2014. The children are 20, 18 and 17. This has been a very frustrating process. In order to edit 1 item for 1 of the 5 people I have to START OVER entirely. This is exhausting. It took over 2 hours to enroll and then I expected to be able to review my last few responses before submitting and couldn't--I answered the end of coverage question incorrectly. We lose coverage January 1. The site has several places where it appears there are links and their are none. If things are still under construction then IT NEEDS TO STATE THAT CLEARLY when you first enter your log in.
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