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Submitted by DK on
I am self-employed Virginia resident, and I tried to apply on healthcare.gov Monday night between 11 p.m. and into midnight. I was able to navigate the screens, input the information, and then when I got to the last step, checking the info I had input, it kept circling me back multiple times over the same answers, sometimes requiring me to fill them in again. When I got to the "Almost Finished" page, where one would sign, it displayed two buttons, a green one to "Save and Return Later" and a greyed-out button that said something like "Continue and Verify Identity," which seemed odd, because on my profile page, it indicated my identity was verified, with a green checkmark. I called the 800 number and the rep said they were having technical difficulties and to try again on Wednesday. So I have an incomplete application, an ID No., and apparently have to keep trying. Fortunately, I have time to switch from my current BCBS plan - and don't get me started on BCBS - their doublespeak/contradictory letters have caused my eyes to glaze over.
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