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Submitted by Carrie Sapp on
There are so many optimizations that could be done on the front end to improve performance - just mashing, minifying, and compressing JavaScript, CSS, and image files would be simple fixes that would yield significant improvements. Minifying and gzipping this file reduces the file size to 451 BYTES, yielding a 99% savings: https://www.healthcare.gov/js/all.js Minifying and gzipping this file reduces the file size to 41kb, a 50% savings: https://www.healthcare.gov/css/all.css I can't see the page now because the site is down, but the first sign up page is over 2 megabytes (!!) in size, and requires 64 (!!!!!) separate JavaScript file downloads: https://www.healthcare.gov/marketplace/global/en_US/registration#signUpStepOne And why in the world am I downloading both of these 2 files on a full-sized desktop (PC, Firefox): https://www.healthcare.gov/css/style-mobile.css https://www.healthcare.gov/css/print.css Just a few suggestions...
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