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Submitted by MikeG on
if in fact Early Adopters were in the former "Virtual Database" and were not ported correctly into the new database, is this perhaps a reason for many early adopters finding themselves in limbo? I think this system can be made to work, it is working for me, but not without some initial frustrations. the quality of the support line people has seemed good to me, i surely would not be encouraged should that be outsourced to India. So don't do that. I think also people don't have a complete understanding of the different phases of this overall process, and how different states may be implementing their piece of the puzzle differently. This should be explained, and examinations of perceptions and problems may be associated to the different implementations. bad implementation in any piece becomes a thorn that distracts from the good implementations. you know that a wrong "fact" in today's headline is corrected tomorrow buried on page 12. This is how we see so much opportunity for mean mouthing. Instead of concerted effort to make this work at all levels.
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