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Submitted by Harvey on
Ms. Sebelius, I would like to thank all who moved forward on health care for all Americans. Years ago my sister-in-law worked at the same hospital I did with health care coverage but being a single mom with 3 young boys she switched jobs and worked for a local insurance agent to be able to be home at night with her boys. He said he would get her healthcare but she was not accepted because she had a pancreatic attack and the insurance co. said pancreatic attacks are do to excessive drinking, but she didn't drink. A couple of years later she had problems eating and after a doctor seen her said she had to change her diet. After about a year of changing her diets and she now could not eat anything the doctors stuck to their diet prescription and told her to just drink water and she would get better. Shortly there after when she couldn't drink anything they had no choice to finally do a scope to find a sist on her pancreas. It turned out to be pancreatic cancer and she past on leaving 3 young boys with no Mother and after the boys, trying life with there estranged Dad who messed them up even more they came to live with us. These young men now would still have their Mother if she had insurance. We all know that if you have insurance you get every test even the unnecessary ones but if you have no insurance you get no test and left to die unnecessarily with no regard to you or for your family. This happens alot I worked at a hospital for 15 years and seen this all the time, so the affordable care act does not have death panels it is the current health care system that does. Please keep up the fight and believe me more people want the affordable care act to go further than what it is now to protect us citizens. We cannot go backward now don't let anymore young parents die leaving children with no Mother. It is a sad and embarrassing sight to see all our representatives fight for big pocket lining businesses instead of the Americans they are suppose to be. Thanks for listening Harvey
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