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Submitted by Daniel on
Does anyone from the Department Health and Human Services even monitor these replies, or are we just all frustrated citizens who can not get anyone to be accountable for this mess. I started this process September 15th before the web site even opened. Here it is December 6th and I have spent so many hours talking to so many people that I understand how some people finally loose it and go postal. I have spoken with the Advanced resolutions team so often I think my phone number has been flagged for them to just hang up on me. Three calls so far this morning and again I was hung up on. Of course they all say that if we are cut off, they will call back. I'm ready to call and email every elected official and news media outlet until someone, anyone will take responsibility. I even sent an e-mail to President Obama for which I received a response that the his emails were not longer being viewed. PLEEEEASE SOMEONE SHOOT ME AND PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY !!!
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