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Submitted by Candy on
There are issues in the filing of phone applications. I submitted one several weeks ago and was unable to get answers from Marketplace reps and management as to the status of my application, when I would get "the mailing" they promised, what it would contain, etc. Bottom line they could tell me nothing. Further they told me The Advanced Resolutions Center (the escalation department) are the only ones who can answer my questions. And by the way, you can only get to that department if the Marketplace representative places a notation in your record for them to call you. And then they get 2 business days (Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not business days). They do not volunteer the existence of The Advanced Resolutions Center either. I learned of it b/c of the technical issues I was having with my account. Further there is problem with reaching this department. If you fail to answer the phone when they call you supposedly within the 48 business hours, they tell you to call from the phone number they called you on and that the Marketplace phone system will automatically direct your call to the Advanced Resolutions Center. Well, that automatic direction to them does not work. Four times I called and not one time was the called directed to The Advanced Resolutions Center. Further, even though the Resolutions Center told me to call them back (the system was unstable and so they were unable to help me) and that the system was so supposedly so notated, it was not notated and I was told I had to start all over. I was to receive my call back and never did. I had to call them again. Bottom line these systems too are broken and the Marketplace representatives are not armed with information to help you with the status of your "paper" or phone application.
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