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Submitted by Joanna Pena-Bickley on
Dear Kathleen Sebelius, We are the leaders of one of the fastest growing networks of digital design and technology specialists. After hearing your press conference yesterday, we want to putt the politics aside and unite to help your administration fix and improve our government's healthcare exchange. In order to do this we need your administrations participation. On Monday, 10/28 we want to brief our network with the the following information: - The number of anticipated visitors - Demographics of potential visitors - The primary objective that https://www.healthcare.gov must meet - Business rules & system requirements - Obstacles that exist today we must overcome We would like a member of your staff to send us this information or participate in the briefing on Monday, 10/28/2014. We will use this information to brief a curated team of experts who will participate in our User Experience Lab via a Google+ Hangout. The outcome will be a blueprint which outlines design and system recommendations that will help millions of American's get affordable healthcare online that will be shared with you on Thursday, November 7, 2013  We believe that a good idea or solution can come from anywhere. We also believe that its is our civic duty to take action to help millions of Americans get the healthcare they need under the Affordable Care Act. I sincerely hope someone from your staff can help or attend our briefing. You can use this URL to send us information or join the event. [Personal information withheld for privacy]
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