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Submitted by Joe IT on
Issue #1 -------------- You already had an idea of how many people were uninsured (baseline). You should have prepared for at least that many with the right amount of servers and bandwidth. It should have been set up as a multi-colo site locations, with load balancers distributing the traffic evenly across the country (nearest route). There are plenty of other things you could have done to solve the traffic issue. i.e. lowering the page load cost by shrinking your JS files and content, applying caching, and again regional routing via load balancers. Issue #2 -------------- You should have run estimated query plans prior to launch to see the cost of the queries and optimize them for a high transaction system (i.e. table locks, full scans etc.). Hopefully at the very least you were clustering, which is all fine and good but only after you have analyzed the potential traffic and made the necessary node additions to support it. Issue #3 -------------- Compressed timeframe? Just when did the project start? March 2013? Whose fault was that? You've had 3 years to get the project going. If it wasn't tested, it should not have been launched! Whoever said "publish it" made a huge mistake. Over committed and under delivered. Putting out a website that only half works is worse than saying "hey, we need some more time to test". Instead you let the politics get involved and override the sensible choice of allowing proper testing to occur. Issue #4 -------------- The tool you have created based on consumer feedback is horrible. It's estimations are considerably lower than the actual costs once fully signed up and plan shopping inside. If the tool can't event get close to the right numbers you probably should just shut it off. It says nothing about plans being higher, only that plans might actually be lower than quoted. Issue #5 -------------- Difficult to complete? You mean you haven't even fully completed the application and shopping portion? Why is this site still live!?! Sure you shut it down for a few hours at night/early morning, but I'm sorry you shouldn't even have the site on until it's ready to go. Glad to know that you "analyzing" the problems. Issue #6 --------------- So other fixes are underway. Why should anyone go through the entire process until this at the very least is 100% fixed? Why would anyone want the wrong or duplicate data sent to the insurer? My guess is no one This really doesn't instill trust in the system because after it's submitted there is no indication to the consumer that anything is wrong. Other than the fact that they don't hear back from the insurer or do hear back and the insurer isn't sure what they wanted because the information in their system is incorrect or duped! That's just not good. Why is it that you can't delete your account once you create it?
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