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Submitted by MARY on
I am self employed, and had to drop my insurance because it was too expensive, besides which, it didn't cover enough. I went on healthcare.gov and went through the entire form just to get to the information about the policies. The ones I could afford were junk - high costs out of pocket and extremely limited network, most of which required me to travel three and four hours away. The first screen for Coventry, for example, is complete lie. When you get into the actual coverage you see where your out of pocket expenses were something quite different. So my question is this: Where's my single payer option? When you - Kathleen - made the policy that allowed medicaid expansion, using tax dollars to pay unscrupulous corporations to bilk the consumer with shoddy "products," you set the healthcare stage as a swamp of opportunists. I live and work in Kansas, and when Sam declined the funds for Medicaid expansion, he left most of us in the muck. Sam is using your own policy to "offer" health care "options." You allowed the Business of health to be the focal point of the policy, not The People's Health. For Profit health care is given yet another tool, by way of law, to squeeze more out of an already declining economy for the middle classes. Your legacy will be the example of what didn't work.
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