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Submitted by Karen on
I am a Registered Nurse and have been an RN for 32 years in the hospitals.. I am very familiar with what the cost of being uninsured and the under insured is to a human being. I have been uninsured since 2008 and have not been to see a doctor or a dentist for myself since 2008. I do not have employer sponsored health insurance as the jobs I have been able to get since 2008 have been temporary without benefits. I have watched Obama care and the ACA unfold with eager eyes so that one day, my health benefits would NOT be employer tied where I could be cancelled if I left my job or they terminated me because I am 58 yrs old and cost to much too insure and my experience cost to much to give a fair salary to. I need to point this out. It was not Sec. Sibelius or Pre3s. Obama who cancelled all of your insurance policies- it was greedy private insurance companies who stand more(millions of dollars) to loose if this country goes to National health Insurance. What this means is that Insurance Company CEO's will no longer be making their multimillion dollar salaries while average Americans and their families worry where their next dime will come, if they get sick will they have the money to pay for care. The Insurance CEO's will no longer have the money to pay lobbyist in Washington millions to sabotage an affordable health care insurance plan. I think before we go blaming Ms Sibelius and Pres. Obama we need to look at who has the most money to loose if this ACA doesn't go through I am currently in school taking a graduate level class in Nursing Informatics, we are learning about the project management of an IT project in the adoption of electronic medical record in a hospital. One of the recurrent themes of this course is when setting up a large sale IT project is to expect problems in the Systems Development Life Cycle. Perfection does not happen over night and doesn't happen the first time around. It is not the job of Pres. Obama and Ms Sibelius to be hands on with the design, instillation and engineering of this IT project. That is what this Healthcare.gov website is- an IT project. Their job was to tell the Management steering committee team what they want and needed and the management team's job was to build it according to specifications and provide the technical know how- the mainframes, portals, web pages, coaxial cables, programming language. Those Congress men and women this Thursday during the Energy and Commerce Committee oversight hearing (and I want to be clear and transparent) should be embarrassed and ashamed in this day and computer age at their IT stupidity, their behavior, lack of respect for others( Ms Sibelius) and their wasting of our tax payer dollars for such nonsense. I think that is all I have to post. Thank you for reading this. This is my opinion and this is still America where I can voice my opinion.
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