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Submitted by Liane on
I have been trying to sign up since October 1st and it is 5 weeks later! I had a user name and password before the Healthcare opening date of October 1. I went online that morning to sign up. No luck! I answered one of the identity qualifying questions wrong. You see, there was a time that I held a lot of jobs and I answered "yes" to something I should have said "no" to. I was advised to call Equifax(?) which I did and they asked me more tie breaking questions. They said I passed, to go back into the website and apply. I did and I was asked by Healtcare.gov to upload identity verifying documents. I tried for a week and FINALLY the document uploaded on 10/5, Saturday. I never got any confirmation via email so I called Monday the 7th and gave my information over the phone to apply online. Subsequently I tried to go onto my Healthcare.gov account but couldn't. Up until now, I can't log in! Now I am told that my over-the-phone application never worked. So, here it is, October 30th and I am doing another over the phone application. Please wish me luck!
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