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Submitted by Mari on
To say you are continuing to improve the consumer experience is spin. The site was not ready for production use, and was obviously released only to meet a deadline despite the knowledge that it was nonfunctional. Equally ludicrous are your department's claims that you didn't anticipate the volume as the administration, of which you are a part, has often touted how many millions of people would be able to obtain health insurance as a result of this law. As one with decades of experience on both the business and IT development sides of a major multi-national corporation, the failures are quite obvious. Requirements were not elicited and fully articulated in a timely manner. Test plans (unit, regression, user acceptance, etc.) and actual testing and defect management were faulty and/or nonexistent. The project managers failed, the developers couldn't be held accountable, and the government (business side) leadership was completely absent. Ultimately, you personally, and others in a leadership role on both the government and IT sides of the project, allowed this expensive development to fail. Only you know whether that was because of indifference, incompetence, or benign neglect. Regardless, you and project leaders should be held accountable and should be removed from your positions.
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