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Submitted by Ellie on
Dear Secretary Sebelius, I'm very much in support of the Affordable Care Act. It's a big improvement in the way we provide and manage health care, although as a liberal Democrat, I still hope that eventually we progress to a single payor system like those of other advanced democracies around the world. I've spent 35 years in high tech. Many, many people in high tech are commenting privately and talk shows that the problems experienced by the online exchanges are due to architectural design flaws and substandard coding practices that could have been avoided because these problems are well-understood in the industry and have already been solved multiple times. My suggestion is that you assess what the newly-recruited "Tech Surge" experts are telling you. Then be open about how the problems originated: how the website requirements were written and by whom, and how the two main contracting firms, CGI and [USSI?] were chosen. Be open about the problems the software architecture experts you have now brought in have found, and what your plan is to implement the changes they suggest that will fix the issues. Give the American people a condensed but *accurate* overview of the technical problems and their planned solutions, and all the Republicans will have to stand down, because none of them knows enough to critique the issue at that level.
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