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Submitted by Silteched Oregonian on
Me too. They just don't understand how they are being hacked. It's not too hard to figure it out, I did. It's the same stupid old Trojan Horse hack. They need to get those insurers out of their system that are hacking them. Simple as that. Find and remove the instigators from the CMS approved providers allowed at the exchange sites. Humana and the affiliated parent company and the like? Ask the AG of MN? LOL I smell some stinking Koch Bros, Brownback and the like in here. Duh. The Secretary's problem here is so obviously personal, what a shame. The conflict of interest is in her bio. No way she could of known then about what all now. I do wish her the best of luck though and I hope they can corral all of those evil hackers she has allowed in. Hope the youngsters can see that. Do they have techies from ALL states of the US? Seems that would be fair and equal at this point. Don't let all of those Republican ruled insurance techies ruin it for her. Good Luck with your endeavors.
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