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Submitted by Dennis on
All the public commentary about your problems is more than a little bit annoying. I hope you find these comments useful: 1. To everybody who already has health insurance and is not affected by the new health care act, I have two things to say: (1) mind your own business and (2) if it results in your premiums being reduced, would you please admit that you appreciate the savings 2. To those elected officials who fought with every weapon in their arsenal to oppose the bill before it passed, litigated against it in the courts, and waged your ridiculous extortion campaign to "defund" it for the past 12 months, I am astonished that after you worked so hard to deny health insurance to the 15% of Americans who need it, your sudden recent concern for their problems with this web site startup is disingenuous and hypocritical to say the least. But that's nothing new. 3. The news media may have discovered a great new story to cover, but I suspect that citizens who shop online are familiar enough with overload conditions that occasionally compromise the services of companies like Yahoo, Amazon, AOL, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others. When something is worth waiting for, Americans have proven to be patient. They sleep outdoors for days to buy tickets for Rolling Stones (Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears) concerts. They stand in line for hours to buy the latest iPhone, or meet the Pope in person. If something is worth waiting for, they wait. Health insurance is no different. 4. Any business gladly differentiates between good problems and bad problems. Too many customers is a good problem. It would be far worse if nobody wanted the product. 5. Health Insurance is not an impulse sale. Each candidate for coverage has many options to consider, plans to compare. All this takes time. For most people, it's a process that they need assistance with. Most people are quite comfortable using this initial period to study and learn. Those folks don't make headlines. 6. It's been made crystal clear that the open enrollment period only begins on October 1. There's no reason for anyone to think that "supplies are limited" and they need to rush to the cash register. Yes, people who have been without health insurance and need it urgently may feel a greater need to act promptly, but coverage doesn't begin until 2014 so they still have plenty of time. 7. Calls for Secretary Sebelius to resign are preposterous. She's the Secretary of HHS, not the Webmaster in Chief. Clearly, there has to have been some shifting of responsibilities as the web site problems are discovered and sorted out. If someone is incompetent, dismiss them. Bring in new talent as needed. Firing the boss won't result in anything other than a new round of confirmation hearings. Is the HHS secretary expected to have a command of Java, HTML-5, SQL, etc? Absurd! I live in a state (Texas) whose Governor fought hard against health care while running for President last year. He demonstrated his lack of qualifications to the entire country, and now, by refusing to accept the Medicaid expansion in the state with the largest number of uninsured citizens, more evidence of his willingness to jeopardize the well-being of people who didn't vote for him is on public display. Speaking for myself, I have health insurance coverage, but I am curious to see how the new marketplace may improve the terms of my policy and/or reduce my costs. I don't need my answers this week or this month. I'm willing to wait my turn.
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