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Submitted by Molly on
No spin. This is a disaster and should be handled like a disaster. This is computer science, not political science. IMO Healthcare.gov should have a press conference everyday (7 days a week) saying what they accomplished in the last 24 hours and what they expect to acomplish in the next 24 hours. Healthcare.gov needs to have another due date, 11/15/13. By 11/15/13, Americans should be able to buy health insurance online in the ACA. Healthcare.gov needs to map out milestones to meet until 11/15/13. The spokesman needs to be a nerdy computer person, not a politician. No spin. Healthcare.gov could make a big improvement by letting users browse health insurance plans anonymously, getting a ballpark estimate on their monthly premiums, with consideration of age, family size, income, smoking, all metal levels. Very similiar to the Kaiser subsidy calculator. Get if done.
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