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Submitted by Scott on
Now I understand what a lot of people are complaining about. This could be the worst on line system I have ever used. I applied on line twice and electronically signed the application. Then I tried to pull up by Application ID, both times it shows up as: Sorry, we weren't able to find your application. So then I called in and spent an hour going thru the application with a representative. I completed that but could not get my 18 year old son covered under our family plan. My 20 year old son could be covered but the system said my 18 year old dependent son was eligible for NJ Family Care. The funny thing is he is not eligible, we are over the income cap for a family of four. So now I am in an endless loop waiting for healthcare.gov to send my son's informations to NJ Family Care for them to tell us he is not eligible. Then we have to mail the denial to healthcare.gov (because they don't have a way to submit the form thru the web site or to e-mail the form), plus there is no address listed on their web site. Then I have to wait more for them to sort it out. So my son is not covered by insurance for 2 months while I wait for the bureaucracy to work and tell me what I want to do in the first place, pay for him to be covered under our family insurance coverage that I signed up for. What if my son needs medical services the next few months? Its really a great system that was set up. There is no way to handle anything but the plainest vanilla of situations. Oh, the kicker is when I log back into the web site and try to look at our application and our coverages it agains says "Sorry, we weren't able to find your application. Please try again." How many times do we have to keep trying with this garbage process, not to mention the 20 hours plus I have spent on this. Plus our insurance broker could not help us at all to enroll thru health.gov or as it should be know as healthbureaucrazy.gov
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