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Submitted by Victoria on
Our family supported this all the way UNTIL we tried to enroll. We've been lied to by the 800 reps 3 times, incl a so called SUPERVISOR! We finally allowed the supervisor to complete yet another (3rd one) app on the phone. At the end he informed us that we were not eligible for the tax credit because we make too little money which is totally inaccurate since we make $25 K for a family of 2. He told us we could file an appeal. But on our previous app we had everything completed & picked a plan & were told the EXACT amount of credit we would get, but when we tried to review & confirm the site locked up over & over. The rep at that time told us we WERE enrolled & to contact the ins co & ignore what we saw on the site. We called the ins co 3 times & they were extremely helpful & patient, BUT we were NOT enrolled. Now it looks like we will have to start all over w/a paper app, since we now feel that the website & the employees are totally inept! This has been the most frustrating shopping experience we have ever had. Why in the world didn't someone think to allow the ins co to enroll the people directly after they choose a plan from the marketplace? OR why couldn't the paper app be sent electronically or by fax instead of the website? Finally we CANNOT ever view Notices or Eligibility Results? Heads need to roll! If this were a company many people would have been fired! This site is a waste of tax dollars.
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