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Submitted by Steve on
I must have filled out the same information on my application 10x so far. No way to edit single information section. After spending an hour each time, I am given a "Verification System Down" error and notifying me that it will be up in "24 hours". I have tried all hours of the day, morning, evening, etc. Always the same result...Verification System Down. I decided to complete my application via phone with the representative. She assured me that since she was entering all the information that it would save it and I wouldn't be caught "in the looping glitch" as she called it. Again, after an hour with a live representative, "Verification System Down" She said, "we're busy today." I bet! I am printing off a paper application. This is ridiculous. I was told I can only mail it. I cannot scan/email or even fax. She said I could personally drive it to KY to hand deliver it. That was actually an option.
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