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Submitted by Rick on
As of today, Nov 14th I am still experiencing the following problems and was hoping you could include them in your list of open problem logs and get them fixed. • Doesn’t store some key data in proper fields based on answers given to questions. Home address and phone type (home or cell) • Forces me to navigate through all screens if I need to modify any data previously entered • After having answered ethnic questions, still asked a question on another screen about possible Indian tribe affiliation even though answers to ethic questions have already determined not a native American Indian. • Get all the way to end and it says need to verify identity, but profile shows identity has been verified. • After entering home address and hitting enter, screen presented that asks to pick correct address with only difference being 9 digit Zip code. Although this makes sense and is not a problem, when you go back through the screens if you need to edit something, you see a radio button that is ticked no for correct home address. • On spouse asked to pick which address out of three is correct, but two are identical and happen to be correct
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