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Submitted by Michelle on
IDENTITY VERIFICATION - if you are getting a prompt saying "you have a notice about identity verification" it is because you started your application too early for the website to do this (WTF?). Here is the answer I got after multiple attempts: Make a copy of your Driver's license or a picture id OR a copy of 2 pieces of identifying information that does not have a picture and mail the COPY to: Health Insurance Market Place Dept of HHS - 465 Industrial Blvd - London, Kentucky 40750 - INCLUDE YOUR APPLICATION ID #. They are supposed to send a paper response that verifies your id and will unlock your application so that you can proceed to find your eligibility and shop. Kudos to KEITH! WHO GOT ME THIS ANSWER! He is the 7th representative that I talked with - without including the 4 that I chatted with and the 4 calls I made to Experian. How is it that he can get an answer from his superiors and the other people cannot? BECAUSE HE ASKED. Whoever is putting untrained people on the phone and chat lines and wasting our time should be fired. Followed by those who do not care to find out the answers to our questions.
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