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Submitted by KC on
I filled out an application 3 weeks ago. My eligibility document came back with zeros in all the amount areas because it said that "more information was needed." It stated I needed proof of my 2014 income WHICH I OBVIOUSLY HAVEN'T MADE YET. I called and the rep told me to send in my 2012 taxes, which I mailed (but don't have much faith that they will make it to where they need to go). In the meantime my husband tried to do an application for us and the system duplicated our daughters so instead of 2 daughters on the application it looks like we have 4 children and there is no way to delete the application and start over. You are just in a continual loop. There needs to be a way to delete an application that hasn't been submitted so you can start over. Actually, can we just delete the website and start over?
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