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Submitted by George on
Because of the ACA, my health insurance has gone up 25% this year and most likely will go up another 25% next year. This is bad for my budget! So, now I need insurance thru Healthcare.gov but I having problems with Healthcare.gov and want to get insurance by Jan. 1 ,2014. I hope it gets fixed soon! I went to this site http://www.valuepenguin.com/ for accurate cost information. This information has not been attainable thru Healthcare.gov. I hope it gets fixed soon! I called the Healthcare.gov phone number a lot. The information is just sorry, sorry, and more sorry. Between all the sorry, what information I got was bad. Just called this number etc. etc. and the numbers led to nowhere. I believe the ACA is more than a web site but the site is an excellent example of health care in the USA. In conclusion, the ACA is troubling and terrifying but that is the USA health care system. I hope it will get fixed soon!
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