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Submitted by Erik on
3.5 years and the complaint was you had to be finished in a short amount of time, Oct, 1st 2013, 3.5 years after the LAW was passed as a TAX and you guys have the gall to complain as if not given enough time?!? Who builds without full testing?? The cost just for this joke of a website is going to end up costing as much as the ACA itself! People wonder why we don't want the Government running things? Why was CGI involved to begin with? Valerie's daughter has nothing to do with it I'm sure, right? No bidding process when you have an in with the Obama's? HHS and the Administration should be ashamed, instead they seek to blame others, history will show this Administration for what it has been. An Administration of blame and an in-ability to do the hard work.. Pathetic. Bet this either doesn't make it to posting or it gets removed.
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