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I have neither a "smart phone" or a Tablet. I am 70 yrs. of age and "home bound", I have a normal dumb new cellphone, I also have a MacPro Desktop Computer. I spend all day on this computer doing important things. Medicare is very important, it is astounding that so called smart phones are being catered to, and astounding to me that now that includes such importance regarding anything Medicare! I did not read that Mac's were mentioned above. Anyone who bothers to even read these comments need to know so called Smart Phones are not safe, and totally inappropriate for information regarding Medicare. So what is coming soon for all of those like myself? As for Social Media, nothing important should ever use the so called Social Media. We are in a time where hackers already are doing well. Social Media for all important things is totally inappropriate. My mind is totally fine, please get some sense and do not use either Social Media or Cellphones. Your wonderful new plan is quite Scary!
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