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I have to say I am impressed with your site and the info I get, the only downside is how difficult it is to follow up and get back to individual researchers. Two articles I have read recently regard; I. An area I have worked on in the past and wished to pass on research that may give them ideas to get beyond the next question. 2. An area I am currently working in which may provide the next step to researchers in the 'Super agers'. Science is piecing together a giant puzzle. Yes it would be nice to get the credit, but if I have a piece of the puzzle that is going to put my son's brain back into working order I am more than happy to contribute it to someone who is in a position to take it further forward than I am. If only it were that easy! I welcome anything that gets science moving forward to the point where we are talking. At a consultation in London recently on progressing children's research development I raised the question of reaching out and talking beyond borders especially for rarer conditions where parents have to talk to parents the other side of the world to find someone who is walking the same path.
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