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Submitted by Chris, Digital Communications Division/HHS on
Liz, We're very excited about the Access Board's adoption of WCAG 2.0 in the upcoming Section 508 refresh. One standard that we've already folded in at HHS relates to color contrast. We follow 1.4.3 Level AA: 4.5 to 1. We make that a required fix on all of our accessibility audits. And, one standard we've recently adopted as a recommended enhancement in our 508 audit reports (as opposed to a required fix) is adherence to audio contrast requirements (1.4.7 Level AAA: 20 db difference between background and foreground sound). There's lots of free programs that can help with accessibility testing. WebAIM is a great resource. Also, if you haven't visited HHS's 508 Web site (www.hhs.gov/web/508), you might want to check that site out, too: we have tutorials in a variety of formats that could be used as starting points for training.
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