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" A picture is worth a thousand words" is almost up todate. You have to think about thoes that can not see.(?) Your cross-department/government must have a Quality Control Depart.All you department heads must collect all reports sit down colaborat on how these important areas can be translated into a Media of Sound. It would not take much money because some of the documetation post on all(?) site will not be needed. I am shore,if you look among your staff, there is an outstanding group of people, without giving a pay raise, that can be redirected to a new assignmet. I was ,now retired,a QI/QA Coordenator for N.O.Health Department/Nursing Sup.for two sites from 1994-2004. I resigned and worked for Excelth,Inc. All those years I was trained mntored by Excelth,Inc. Quality Control Dept
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