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One of the best uses for any monies available is to provide reimbursement to those Home Health providers that are utilizing tele-monitoring. Every one is concerned about rehospitalizations. Tele-monitoring in the patients home keeps people from going back to the hospital. We monitors these patients 24/7, and for those patients with a dx of CHF, Heart Failure, COPD, Renal Disease, Hypertension, it is amazing how we maintain these patients in their own home. We keep them out of the hospital and they continue to get better. We can display better outcomes with these patients than those not offerring this service. We do it because we care about our patients; however, it is most difficult to continue when not one dime is every reimbursed to us even thought the equiipment and personnel time is quite expensive. If we truly want to keep people from being readmitted to the hospital you need to work with the health care providers that provide this type of care and it is the free-standing, independent providers that have led this charge.
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