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I have an Aunt with Cancer in Orlando Florida. Never once did a patient Rep or social worker ask her if she had help at home when she was discharged from the hospital each time. Her daughter had to care for her and was unable to work. I think there should be an area for care givers to request assistance getting help caring for thier loved one's who are on Medicare. Also, there should be an area in this section to report any health professional or home health individual that doesn't do their job when they see the patient, also the home health agency that sends people out doesn't always respond to complaints, so they should be watched too. I believe this would do 3 things: 1. It would improve the quality of care a patient receives at home,in doctors offices and the hospitals, 2. It would cut costs to medicare, because it would weed out claims where the care wasn't provided to the patient & 3. The care giver could actually have more time for thier daily activities(ie. Job, family,etc..) when they don't have to police the health care worker and spend hours on the phone asking for things the patient needs. I have been a nurse for over 30 years in the Chicago area & I can't understand why there is no continuity of care in many Healthcare settings anymore or why older cancer patients are totally written off by many doctors. My Aunt needs to be kept hydrated with IV's a few times per week and multiple doctors wouldn't give an order to have the home health nurse give IV fluid.(she doesn't have any heart problems) This would have saved Medicare thousands of dollars, because each time she was dehydrated she had to be admitted to the hospital again, Almost every 2-3 weeks, what a waste of money! I would personally say the care received from these Orlando Hospitals, doctors, nurses and Home Health agencies was the worst I have ever seen or heard of, they are just sucking medicare dry without giving the appropriate care! I think our elders need all the support and care they deserve whether they are dying of cancer or not. It is time to expect Quality care for everyone, any help you could give family members would truely be appreciated by anyone having to care for a sick family member or friend. It is also time to "Call Out" the health care providers and agencies whom are providing "subpar" care, insist they improve & do the job right or take away their licenses and shut down thier business. This web site would not only help the patients and the family care giver it could help the government keep an eye on Health entities committing fraud by charging Medicare and Medicaid when they don't actually provide the service. Also, it might be able to track Health care providers in hospitals and offices that aren't treating all the patients problems, so they need to be readmitted to the hospital a week or 2 later. If medicaid & medicare patients (or thier Family care giver) were required to fill out survey (paper or online)about care received from all healthcare entities, I'm sure billions would be saved annually not to mention cutting a huge amount of fraudulant claims & getting rid of terrible Healthcare professionals. IT IS TIME to put Health & Care back in Healthcare. [name withheld for privacy]
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